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Benple: The Button Internet Company

Benple connects people and the world with the patented Button Internet technologies.

People and businesses can enjoy new experiences and benefits by simply pushing the Benple’s buttons everywhere.



2017. 05. Button Internet service at SEOUL AUCTION HONG KONG SALE
2017. 04. Button Internet service for Samsung Digital Plaza
2017. 02. Button Internet service for Jeju National Museum
2017. 02. Button Internet service for Nestle Booth at 2017 Baby Fair held in COEX
2016. 11. Showcase the Button Internet at Daehong Communications Digital Show
2016. 11. Signed MOU with Kiwi Plus, Inc.
2016. 11. Signed MOU with SBS, Inc.
2016. 08. Button Internet service at SmartConnected.World 2016 (with International Center for Electronic Commerce)
2016. 07. Button Internet service for Emma Hack’s exhibition held at Savina Museum
2016. 07. Button Internet service for Paik Nam Jun Show held at DDP (with YG Plus)
2016. 07. Button Internet service for Yuni Gallery
2015. 10. Signed MOU with Harex InfoTech
2015. 10. Offered festival information service using Benple G at Gimje Jipyeongseon Festival
2015. 10. Signed MOU with Zandari Festa and provided smart-information service using Benple
2015. 07. Provided Geongju smart-museum service
2015. 06. Signed MOU with Kiwi Plus
2015. 06. Provided smart-hospital service at Kyung Hee University Medical Center
2015. 05. Launched Benple G : the application offering selected culture & arts information
2015. 04. Opened ‘Benple Space’ : the cultural complex providing O2O services based on IoT technologies
2015. 04. Provided NFC·iBeacon integrated smart museum service for Handok Museum of Medicine and Pharmacy
2015. 03. Hosted the 3rd Smart Museum Tour
2015. 02. Produced tag&žQR boards for ‘Ulsan City Bus Arrival Information Service’
2014. 11. Installed the NFC tags along the ‘spots’ for the Seoul Design Spot & Tour promotion
2014. 11. Opened the world’s first IoT runway for 2015 Asia New Star Model Contest Face of Korea
2014. 10. Launched the Benple Art service for the Evolution of Play
2014. 10. Changed the company’s name into Benple Inc.
2014. 09. Participated in Kshop, Korea’s only omnichannel retail show
2014. 07. Opened NFC Gallery service for SAVINA
2014. 07. Installed Tag Touch Kiosk(TTK) for the Exhibition of Edvard Munch
2014. 07. Started the Project “Beacon-Tag Integrated In-Store Computing Platform for O2O Omni-Channel Commerce”
2014. 03. Attended the World-First Beacon Hackathon held in San Francisco
2014. 02. Started the Consulting Project “Next Generation Smart Device Planning”
2014. 02. Featured at TechView Asia as a leading IoT company in Asia
2013. 11. Opened NFC Museum Service for Naju National Museum
2013. 11. Provided NFC Service Platform for Smart Shopping Zone in Seongan Street
2013. 10. Provided NFC service for University Graduation Exhibition (KoreaTech)
2013. 08. Opened NFC Gallery service for SAVINA
2013. 07. Opened NFC event for Lotte FITIN opening show
2013. 07. Started the Project “NFC-based Healthcare Service”
2013. 06. Finished the Project “Tourist POB Information Management System”
2013. 06. Finished the Project “Cloud Platform Technology for NFC-based Utility Tag Service”
2013. 06. Started the Project “Engine and Open API for Serendipity Service In NFC Environment”
2013. 05. Provided NFC Utility Tag Services for Cosmetics & Beauty Expo
2013. 05. Provided NFC-embedded Souvenirs for IBK Bank at Seoul Money Show
2013. 03. Opened NFC-based event service for Hyundai Motors at Seoul Motor Show
2013. 02. Opened NFC-based Mobile Stamp Tour for Korea Travel Expo
2013. 02. LoveisTouch USA Founded in Palo Alto, USA
2012. 11. Finished the project “NFC-based Utility Tag Service Prototype”
2012. 11. Sponsored 2012 WIMA NFC USA
2012. 10. Opened NFC Service for National Museum of Korea
2012. 08. Expanded Headquarter moved to Hongdae Area
2012. 06. Opened NFC Gallery at 2012 NFC/Smart Card Fair
2012. 06. Started the Project “Tourist POB Information Management System”
2012. 06. Finished the Project “Cloud Platform Technology for NFC-based Utility Tag service”
2012. 03. Started the Project “NFC-based Utility Tag Service Prototype”
2012. 01. Hosted the 2nd Business Model Workshop
2011. 10. Hosted the 1st Business Model Workshop
2010. 12. LoveisTouch Founded



Benple Headquarters

Benple Space, 17-3, Tojeong-ro, Mapo-gu
Seoul, Korea 121-884

Tel: +82)2-335-0300

Fax: +82)2-325-0400

E-mail: contact@benple.com

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