[Media Exposure] NFC blooms with a magical touch

The broadcasting service of Korean government, KTV, spotlighted NFC industry as an important area of the government’s Creative Economy initiative. LoveisTouch Inc. was introduced as a leading NFC service provider in Korea. Take a peek at the LoveisTouch office and the interview of CEO Kyoung Jun Lee!

The most memorable statement from the interview would be “It is like a magic if something reacts when you just touch it. NFC touch is such a magical thing.”.

LoveisTouch believes that this NFC magic is a key technology for making the real world into the media. LoveisTouch is proud that Korean government’s main broadcasting service featured LoveisTouch and NFC technology, implying that it is contributing to the government’s Creative Economy initiative.

*If you want to skip to LoveisTouch, watch from 4:30

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